162 countries and millions of young people on strike for climate


Today, millions of young people have paraded around the world following the call of Greta Thunberg. In more than 150 countries, they decided to go on a school strike to fight for their future, and to call on politicians and business leaders to take action on climate change. This is the third major event of this kind, and the movement is growing. Back in pictures with photos found on Twitter or the Global Climate Strike website. Tomorrow, more climate events are planned around the world.

At least 3 million young people and more than 5000 actions organized in 2993 cities!

On the eve of the UN Special Climate Summit, the youth wanted to make political leaders and the world understand that “there is no planet B”.

In Australia, more than 400,000 young people demonstrated, they were 1,4 million in Germany and in New York only 1,1 million were allowed to dry the courses to defend their future.

They would be at least 3 million to have demonstrated today, according to Greta Thunberg, and that “without having yet counted North and South America.”

“We need action, not hope, to fight against climate change,” she told an American host (TedTalks).

According to several media including The Correspondent, it would be the “greatest day of action for the climate in the history of the world”.

More ways for the climate
On Twitter, the NGO OXFAM recalls that “the 10% richest in the world emit half of the global emissions of greenhouse gases. Yet it is the most vulnerable people who are most at risk. ”

The WWF meanwhile, asks the government to vote for significant budgets for the protection of the environment, sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

This is also what young people ask for through their slogans and signs, here are some of them:

“Grandpa, what’s a snowman?”
“When we grow up, we want to be alive” (Source: Rémi Barroux’s Twitter)
“Even the aliens know that you must not come!”

In response to the international movement, France and Germany have announced new budgets. France has announced that it will add 800 million euros to the budget of the Ministry of Ecological Transition in 2020, while Germany puts at least 100 billion euros by 2030.