Researchers might have found a sixth taste following umami

Researchers Might Have Found a Sixth Taste Following Umami

Recently, American researchers have published research that presents a brand new flavor. The sixth possible taste following umami could be caused by ammonium chloride in our tongues. A taste that is linked to an established reaction There are five primary flavors: the acidic, salty sweet, the acidic, the bitter, and the umami, also popularly known […]


Improving Lives: Central Venous Catheters in Medicine

Improving Lives: Central Venous Catheters in Medicine

Central venous catheters are essential tools in modern healthcare that serve several other applications beyond their primary use for venous access. These medical devices are inserted into large veins, such as through the neck, chest, or groin, to facilitate the administration of fluids, and medications, and monitor various physiological parameters. This blog talks about the […]