WhatsApp now allows you to chat with unknown users

WhatsApp now allows you to chat with unknown users


By creating this profile, users will be able to use an image distinct from that of their primary WhatsApp account to ensure their privacy.

WhatsApp is currently working with a cutting-edge tool to create a new profile that can be used for users to talk with those they do not have an account for.

This feature has been added in the beta version of the app and will permit us to guard our privacy by concealing the profile picture from anyone else.

That’s how it works.

The feature allows the user to create a profile that is visible when the numbers are not set up.

However, unlike the tool that allows us to conceal our profile picture, the new feature allows us to set up a different name and picture for people for whom our official photo and name are not accessible.

It will also be made available on the privacy tab under the section for profile photos.

This alternative profile could serve as a security shield and add a new layer of privacy and security to users’ experiences since they have greater control over their data.

This configuration will also be extremely beneficial when the option to create a WhatsApp username is made available in the near future. Many users opt to limit the view of their profile photos to those who are their contacts. If you create an alternative profile, anyone who contacts you via an account will be able to see your profile; however, it will be different from the primary profile.

In the developing

The privacy option for alternate profiles is currently in development and will be made available in a later app update.

The tool is currently running Version of WhatsApp Beta for Android.