BB Glow, the new trend for you not to wear makeup again!

BB Glow, the new trend for you not to wear makeup again!


Can you imagine waking up makeup and not having to reapply makeup in a year? This is possible now with BB Glow. It is a new beauty trend that many celebrities are turning.

According to a study published by BB Glow Academy, it consists of a procedure by which a semi-permanent makeup is applied to the skin.

I am interested in applying this new treatment because sometimes I feel that I look a little pale, and imperfections are never lacking. So I would love to apply BB Glow and wear smooth and smooth skin.

How is BB Glow?

Investigating in several clinics where they apply it, it became much clearer in the procedure.

It is a trend that began in Korea, like most beauty treatments. A technique called micro-needling is used, they are mini needles by which the product is applied, and it is considered a non-invasive therapy, although it penetrates to the deepest part of the skin.

What applies?

The BB Glow technique is applied with these polycarbonate microneedles and a brightness vial combined with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and peptides are introduced. You will surely wonder what each of them does.

Hyaluronic acid: This substance is found naturally in the body, but with age, it is lost. It delays aging and the appearance of expression lines. Also better the appearance of the skin.

Peptides: These are essential amino acids that help provide skin elasticity and firmness; It also protects it from UV rays.

Niacinamide: It is also known as vitamin B3 and helps fight skin blemishes and redness. It also provides luminosity and prevents yellowing of the skin and paleness.

The results of this treatment are immediate since the substances are very effective and also nourish the skin at the cellular level. The effect can last up to a year.

Regularly it takes three to five sessions to achieve the expected effect. After treatment, it is not recommended to apply any substance and does not wash your face for at least the first 24 hours.

Another precautionary measure is to avoid contact with the sun’s rays, as it can stain the skin.

Now that I know what BB Glow is and how it works, I will go to a specialist to see if I am a candidate or not. As all skins are different and react fate, it is also essential to know if there are side effects.