Brett's announcement of resignation after James Mattis against Trump's decision

Brett’s announcement of resignation after James Mattis against Trump’s decision


Brett McGurk, who plays the American ambassador in a global alliance against the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS), resigned from his post. They took this step against President Donald Trump’s decision to remove the US military from Syria. Earlier, Defense Minister James Matisse has also announced his resignation from the post due to opposition from Trump.

President Barack Obama had appointed Brett in 2015 and Trump retained his appointment. In a letter written with resignation, Brett said that IS is not lost now. At such a time, removing US security forces from Syria will give the terrorists a chance to raise their heads again. At the same time, Trump has defended his decision to remove the army from Syria.

They said, ‘We were going to send the army for only three months there. It’s been seven years now. When I was president, then IAS was furious. Now the terrorist organization has lost a great deal. Now other countries around Turkey, including Turkey, are capable of dealing with the surviving terrorists. We are coming back from there. ‘ The civil war in Syria was started in 2011. The US launched air strikes in September 2014 and sent troops there in 2015.

His close relatives have also disagreed with the announcement of the trump related to the loss of IS. Military officials say that IS is now a threat. Defense Minister James Matisse also announced on Thursday that he will step down at the end of February. In a letter to Trump, he said, “You have the right to be a defense minister whose ideas match you.”