Chinese spacecraft Chang E-4 sent a picture of the last part of the moon

Chinese spacecraft Chang E-4 sent a picture of the last part of the moon


China’s ‘Chang E-4’ spacecraft, which landed on the moon, has sent the first picture showing the area of ​​the landing site better. This information was given in news of official media on Friday.

This is the first spacecraft to land on the furthest part of the Moon that never sees the Earth. ‘Chang E-4’ landed in the farthest part of the Moon on January 3 and became the world’s first spacecraft to reach the never-seen part of the natural satellite. On the leading part of the lender, the pictures were released with a 360-degree wide view of the camera. It was reported that these photos were sent from Quakyaio satellite.

It is worth mentioning that both Chang E-4 and Chandrayaan-2 wanted to “first of all” land on the Moon. There is no firm knowledge about this part of the moon yet. In this part, which is far away from the eyes of the landlords, there are more mountainous and rocky areas, while the flat area is more in the bright side of the moon.

Always the same part of the moon is visible to us because at the speed that it revolves around the Earth, it rotates on its axis at the same speed. This is the reason why we do not see a part of the moon. It is said that the unseen part of the Moon is ideal for human settlement because the water remains in the form of ice. The German radiation detector engaged in the lander tied to the vehicle will test how dangerous it is for people to live for long periods.