Covid-19: some countries will soon relax or abandon health restrictions

Covid-19: some countries will soon relax or abandon health restrictions


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, not all countries have necessarily had the same way of thinking about health restrictions. Two years after the arrival of the coronavirus, some countries have decided to lighten them, or even abandon them.

Monitor Covid-19

For several months now, the Omicron variant has gradually imposed itself against the other variants. More contagious, but less deadly, it has concerned many countries since its appearance. Nevertheless, some specialists agree that the end of the pandemic is near, thanks to vaccination and an increase in immunity within populations.

Thus, some countries are once again easing or even abandoning the current restrictions, as the GEO magazine explains in an article of January 20, 2022. If in France, the government has recently adopted the vaccination pass, the United Kingdom does not seem to take the same path. As of January 27, most anti-Covid restrictions will simply be dropped. Thus, wearing a mask will no longer be compulsory, teleworking will no longer be recommended and only nightclubs will ask visitors for a health pass.

In Spain, the coronavirus will be considered an endemic disease. The head of government Pedro Sanchez thus recently explained that the government wishes to set up a monitoring system on the model of that of the seasonal flu. A network of hospitals and sentinel doctors will be responsible for alerting the authorities in the event of the spread of Covid-19.

live and heal

In the United States, authorities want everyone to learn to live with the virus, despite a rising hospitalization rate. For White House adviser Anthony Fauci, the objective will be to find a combination between good background immunity and the possibility of treating a person at risk. People at risk, Israel will also make it its priority. The country has just authorized travel abroad, believing that the border closure cannot contain the Omicron variant. Citizens over the age of sixty will also be eligible for a fourth dose of vaccine and only this age group will be able to perform PCR tests. In addition, the duration of quarantine for positive people has been reduced from seven to five days.

In other countries such as Denmark, theaters and cinemas reopened at the end of December 2021. In the Netherlands, bars, cafes and other restaurants can welcome customers since January 25, 2022. Finally, Quebec has also reduced quarantine of virus-positive people (ten to five days).

Recall that the WHO had declared in early December 2021 that most cases of the Omicron variant are mild and that the effectiveness of vaccines is still the same. Thus, more and more countries are expected to relax their rules in the coming weeks and months.