Electronic signature: advantages and criteria for choosing a popular solution

Electronic signature: advantages and criteria for choosing a popular solution


The digitalization of the company implies the adoption of a certain number of modern tools. These make it possible to optimize the functioning of the organization. Among these is of course the electronic signature. A real revolution in the field of document management, this solution is recommended for SMEs that want to be competitive.

But before making the option, it is important to soak up its main advantages and the parameters for choosing the best supplier. This last point makes it possible to take advantage of all the potential of this solution. If you want to know more, here is the essentials about this device that professionals are snapping up.

What to remember from the electronic signature?

Professionals are increasingly using electronic signatures in the management of contracts. This trend is explained by the advantages available to this tool. While waiting to come back to it, it is appropriate to define the concept. Indeed, this solution means any mechanism allowing to authenticate a dematerialized document. It can usually be in the form of an image or personalized text. This solution is made available to users by a trusted third party acting as a certification authority. In principle, the choice of the latter is made taking into account the following factors.

Holding a European authorization

Before choosing an electronic signature provider, it will be necessary to ensure that it is qualified in eIDAS (Electronic identification and trust services) like Yousign. Indeed, it is an authorization issued by the European Union to replace Directive 1999/93/EC. The objective of this certification is to better secure electronic transactions between business partners. The operator in possession of such a qualification is authorized to provide companies with:

  • the electronic signature;
  • timestamp;
  • and the server stamp.
  • A responsive platform

Employees of SMEs and ETIs use different types of terminals during mail exchanges. These include smartphones, desktop computers, PCs and tablets, among others. Therefore, the trusted third party must be able to offer compatible software to all these devices. The objective is to make use of its electronic authentication at any time and in any place.

A simple to use interface

Employees of VSEs, PMs and ETIs do not all have a great command of IT tools. This is why, as a certification authority company, Yousign offers an easy-to-use application. You will therefore not need to invest in the training of your employees as part of the handling of the electronic signature software. Also, choose a vendor whose program can be quickly deployed.

A large storage capacity

As mentioned above, the digital signature solution also makes it possible to manage the company’s electronic documents. As such, professionals can store their data on the provider’s platform. So, for optimal fluidity of exchanges, you must opt ​​for a service provider offering an interface based on SaaS. Such a solution allows you to take advantage of unlimited storage capacity.

The main criteria for choosing the trusted third party being known, it will be necessary to reveal the advantages of the mechanism it offers.

Why opt for the electronic signature during your transactions?
Different reasons convince professional organizations to adopt the electronic signature.

Authentication of company documents

The Internet is a double-edged sword. As much as it allows data to be exchanged between business partners in real time, the falsification of professional documents is frequent. The use of certification of this data is therefore the only solution to avoid falling into scam schemes. Especially since the electronic signature is a highly secure technique. Thus, hackers cannot duplicate it or modify the content it authenticates.

Time saving for professionals

Manual document management is a time-consuming task. Since in the past, you had to enter the contract, print it, sign it and scan it before sending it by email to your input supplier. However, organizations operate in a highly competitive industry. Every minute lost by the company can therefore be detrimental to it. The electronic signature offered by Yousign, on the other hand, allows you to dispense with all these formalities and certify your document in a few clicks.

Optimal protection of administrative documents

The trusted third party offers dematerialized archiving of company documents. Under these conditions, employees are able to quickly identify the parts to be processed. At the same time, this sensitive data is protected from disasters such as: fires, floods and burglaries. In addition, employees benefit from a space saving, since they will no longer have to store piles of files in their offices.