Alien on Earth, UFO showing in the sky of Ireland

Alien on Earth, UFO showing in the sky of Ireland


Four pilots have claimed to see UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) in the sky of Ireland. Pilots told the air traffic control that they had seen the mysterious shining objects flying fast in the sky.

CNN said that no pilot could identify the object flying in the sky. According to CNN, a pilot said, “He came towards our left hand and suddenly turned to the north. We saw a shiny thing which disappeared from the speed of light, we were amazed.”

A pilot told CNN that the UFO speed MAC was equivalent to 2.5 aircraft. Commercial jetliners travel about 430 nautical miles per hour or at a speed of 0.6 m. The US Air Force’s main fighter can travel up to F-18 MAC 2.5.

The incident where there is a knot for pilots on one side, on the other hand, Irish people are excited about the fact that aliens are traveling to their land.

However, one of the pilots has speculated that the unknown object may be a meteorite. An aviation specialist had also spoken with the Irish media about the possibility of a meteorite of an unknown object.

A spokesman for the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) told CNN that the IAA has filed a report on this November 9 incident. This report will be investigated under the general confidential event investigation process.