Another event canceled: Microsoft Build 2020 will not take place

Another event canceled: Microsoft Build 2020 will not take place


COVID-19 turned out to be giving us a trick. The global pandemic forced many companies, companies and governments to cancel the massive events, where there are more than 200 people. Now, Microsoft Build 2020 will not be performed due to the health emergency. What can we expect from this?

Microsoft Build 2020 is not going to be done
Microsoft succumbed to the health emergency. This event was to take place in Seattle on May 19. This meeting usually shows the biggest advances of the gigantic company Microsoft. It is made for developers by developers. Perhaps this is bad news for many people.

Why is it canceled if the event is in May? Simply by the city. The event, as we mentioned, would take place in Seattle. The city of Seattle, and all of Washington in general, is a risk zone, as it is considered one of the foci of coronavirus infection in the United States.

What are the alternatives?
Microsfot Build 2020 was canceled following the recommendations of the United States of America Department of Health. Although the disease may be mitigated between now and May, there is a high risk that they may also increase infection. The best thing right now is not to trust odds, says Microsoft CEO

The alternative will be given thanks to the internet. Following the model that many companies took, the Microsoft event will be held via streaming. But, unfortunately, there are no more details about this decision, so we hope that more information will be offered in April.

But, we believe that the main conference will be held via streaming and through social networks. Later, the classes for designers and programmers will be done via platform. If there is a company with the infrastructure to offer this, it is Microsoft.

Microsoft Build 2020 adds to the long list of events canceled by the coronavirus. Who is left? Apple, which has a presentation scheduled for June.