Climate change: Himalayan glaciers melt at double speed

Climate change: Himalayan glaciers melt at double speed


Due to the mounting temperature, there is a big threat to Himalayan 600 six hundred glaciers. One study claims that the melting speed of the glaciers has doubled.

Water damage

According to research published in the Science Advantage Journal, between the years 1975 and 2000, the glacier was decreasing 10 inches per year, but during 2000-2016, it decreased by 20 inches per year. This damages about eight billion tonnes of water. Researchers from the University of Columbia’s Earth Institute have researched the figures from the 40-year-old statistics taken from the satellite. These pictures were taken by American detective satellites. They were studied in the 3D module and studied.

Climate change swallowing glaciers

Photos of 650 glaciers located in India, China, Nepal and Bhutan Which are spread from about 2 thousand kilometers west to east. Scientists say climate change is eating glaciers.

The temperature in the Himalayas increases one degree

According to research, between 1975-2000 and 2000-2016, the temperature of the Himalayan region increased by about one degree Celsius, with the rate of melting glaciers increased. However, the melting speed of all glaciers is not uniform. Low-height glaciers are melting rapidly. Some glaciers are melting up to five meters annually.

to risk

The melting of the glacier creates artificial lakes in the higher hills. The breakdown of these increases the likelihood of flooding, thereby creating a threat to the populated population.

80 crores population of India, China, Nepal, and Bhutan depend on the rivers coming from the glacier. These rivers produce irrigation, drinking water, and electricity. If the glacier melts, then many resources will be lost.

60 million tonnes of ice

650 glaciers of the Himalayas have deposited 60 million tonnes of snow. This is the third large area after the north and south pole where there is so much snow. Therefore, the Himalayan glacier area is also called the third pole.

The little island in danger

The melting glacier is ruining eight billion tons of water every year. The water level of the sea is rising due to melting snow in the northern and southern pole. This will increase the risk of many smaller islands.