Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be available worldwide this week

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be available worldwide this week


Warner Bros. Games and Niantic have announced that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be available worldwide this Friday, June 21, and to accompany the news has released the new launch trailer included in this note.

This awaited game that uses Augmented Reality technology in the style of the popular Pokémon GO had a Beta earlier this year in Australia and New Zealand, but will eventually reach all regions for iOS and Android devices.

In case you are not aware of what this title is about, here is their official description:

The creators of Pokémon GO present Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an augmented reality (AR) game inspired by the magical world that brings magic to players around the world. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is developed and distributed jointly by Niantic, Inc. and WB Games San Francisco, as part of Portkey Games, a brand dedicated to creating magical world games inspired by the original stories of J.K. and in which players can feel protagonists of their own adventures.

Discover your magical potential
A tragedy has ravaged the magical world and has distributed Incontratus (artifacts, creatures, people, and even magical memories) for the Muggle world. As a new member of the Special Forces of the Statute of Secrecy, you must work together with other magicians and witches from around the world to solve the mystery of the tragedy and prevent the magic secret from being exposed.

Magic is everywhere
When you go out and explore the world, the map will show you the traces of magic, which will indicate the location of the magic Incontratus. These traces are found in different places in the real world and trigger very detailed encounters in 3D and advanced 360 degrees RA. To return the Incongruous to the magical world, you must cast different spells to destroy the confusing magic that protects them. Pay attention to other objects and places that can help you in your adventure, such as taverns, which will allow you to restore magical energy, the ingredients, which you can use to make potions or the porters, which will take you to the magical world.

Union make force
Gather your friends and participate in important magical events, such as magical challenges, formed by cooperative combats in multiplayer mode and in real time in which you will have to face dangerous enemies. To confront the strongest threats and discover more rareIncontratus, you must team up with other magicians and witches, and together, you must specialize in different magical professions (Aurors, magizoologists, or teachers). Each one will have unique skills and abilities that you can use in different situations.

Prepare your wand, warn your friends, and prepare to protect the magical world from world tragedy. A new magical adventure awaits you!