Elon Musk Says; this may be the first resident of Mars

Elon Musk Says; this may be the first resident of Mars


Alan Musk, CEO of Tech Blender and SpaceX, wants to build a base on Mars and recently they have shared some things related to it. He has indicated that the first resident (resident) Artificial Intelligence, which may be on Mars, maybe AI. The Geek Report has given its information.

In response to a tweet, Elon has indicated this. In this tweet, he was asked, what are his thoughts about life on Mars, and can there be an Intelligent Machine instead of Marsans? Musk responded on it, ’30 percent ‘ It is a mystery that how this 30 percent of Musk came from, but during this time many have been brainwashed to see what this resident would look like.

The Geek Report says, “It is possible that it is like an AI rover robot and mobilized information on the surface of the planet, or it is a stationary device, which can be observed in the same place. There can be capabilities in it to do experiments without human instruction.

At present, the mission of sending human beings on Mars is a fantasy. Companies developing future technologies such as SpaceX are working on the techniques that can be used to help humans to make their way out of the orbit of the moon. It may take at least a decade or even several decades.