iPhone 11 Pro: a level of electromagnetic waves 2 times higher than the authorized limit

iPhone 11 Pro: a level of electromagnetic waves 2 times higher than the authorized limit


A new study has cast doubt on Apple’s word about the radiation level of its latest smartphone.

The Apple is again accused of marketing products that exceed the level of electromagnetic waves authorized by the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission. A charge that results from a new study commissioned by Penumbra Brands, a company specializing in mobile accessories, from an independent laboratory. Tests have revealed that the radiation level of the iPhone 11 pro is twice the legal limit.

The laboratory mandated to carry out the study carried out tests by placing the iPhone 11 Pro at a distance of 5 mm from a mannequin equipped with sensors. The iPhone 11 Pro would emit 3.8W / kg, twice the 1.6W / kg limit. RF Exposure Lab said if the phone was in its owner’s pocket, the exposure it would have been exposed to would have been even greater.

“Cell phone users should be concerned about exposure to RF radiation,” said McCaughey, chief technical officer of Penumbra Brands, in a statement. “Tests show that the iPhone 11 Pro potentially exposes people to more than double what the FCC has determined to be safe,” he added.

To illustrate the problem, Penumbra Brands compares the results of radiofrequency radiation obtained by the laboratory it commissioned with the radiation of the same smartphone equipped with a Gadget Guard shell equipped with Alara technology. A strange comparison at first glance, but which makes sense when you know that this shell is the product of Penumbra Brands. It’s obviously a way to sell the merits of its gadgets.

We can also read on its site that “Alara compatible cases are integrated with an exclusive technology that automatically couples to the internal antennas of mobile devices, redirecting radiation away from the user, thereby reducing exposure to radiation from the phone. portable without degrading the phone signal. The results of tests in FCC certified laboratories show that Alara technology … reduces exposure by up to 67% compared to an unprotected device. “

A few months ago, the Chicago Tribune also accused Apple of selling smartphones with radiation levels above the norm. To defend itself, Apple had sent iPhones to the FCC for examinations. The results were normal, the iPhones present a level of electromagnetic waves in the standard.

But for Penumbra Brands, the trick is that it was the Apple itself that supplied smartphones to the FCC. The accessorist believes that the models tested by the FCC do not match those on the market.

It remains to be seen whether the tests carried out by the laboratory mandated by Penumbra Brands were not rigged to serve the interests of the accessorist. For its part, the RF Exposure Tab laboratory claims to have complied with the strict directives of the Federal Communications Commission to carry out the tests.

It should also be noted that at present, no scientific study has demonstrated the negative effects of electromagnetic waves on human health.