Lithium batteries have greater benefits compared to traditional solutions

Lithium batteries have greater benefits compared to traditional solutions


Today, lithium batteries are one of the most used resources in telephony and computing, as well as electronic devices and industrial machines. Its degree of penetration in the industry is increasing by displacing traditional systems such as lead-acid batteries, used for a long time in the photovoltaic sector. This type of energy is expected to be the source of accumulator banks in the near future; For this reason, various means indicate what are the benefits of using lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries have several benefits compared to other traditional methods: their useful life, energy profile, type of maintenance, little pollution, among others. Some of the above benefits of using lithium batteries are explained below by the Solarmat company.

The first of the benefits of using lithium batteries is their energy density, which determines their capacity, three times higher compared to lead-acid. Thus, its oxidation capacity and therefore its voltage are higher, a lead-acid battery produces 2 volts but a lithium battery produces 3.6. This translates into a higher energy profile because the intensity of current required to produce the same energy is lower and in the same way the time to recharge them is.

Another energy benefit is the depth of discharge, lead-acid accumulators must maintain a 20% discharge to have a long life. Lithium batteries do not have this problem and can be discharged up to 100%.

Pylontech, in turn, highlights, lithium batteries have advantages at the business level: By having a useful life of up to 10 times more than other power sources (they reach more than 6 thousand charge-discharge cycles), there is greater savings in business-level expenses. The useful life of the accumulators is vital, opting for a battery bank supposes a considerable expense in the investment of the photovoltaic installation and this must be durable.

Because of this, many companies choose lithium batteries over other options, although their price is higher, their durability as well. The modularity of lithium batteries must also be taken into account, this is easy to expand later and it is not the case of lead-acid where inadequate sizing can be fatal.

Finally, one of the benefits of using lithium batteries is saving in maintenance; As they are encapsulated, they produce a minimum of polluting gases and do not require any type of maintenance. Which is its only disadvantage, the impact on the environment because mining operations to collect lithium are detrimental. Even so, for many companies it is the best option and the most used in the technology industry; It should be noted that no current battery is harmless to the environment.