Microsoft to close LinkedIn operations in China

Microsoft to close LinkedIn operations in China


Until now, LinkedIn was the only reputable American social network supporting operations in China.

After several years of operations and a solid presence in China, Microsoft has been forced to disconnect the services of the business social network LinkedIn as part of a refocusing on the company’s strategy to adapt to the new conditions and demands of the Chinese government. country.

Part of this decision involves simplifying the tool into a better business-focused platform, but without the features of LinkedIn, a social network that began operations in China in 2014.

“We recognized that operating a localized version of LinkedIn in China would mean meeting the Chinese government’s requirements on Internet platforms,” ​​Mohak Shroff, Senior VP of Engineering at LinkedIn, said in a post. “While we strongly support freedom of expression, we take this approach to create value for our members in China and around the world. We also established a clear set of guidelines to follow in case we ever need to re-evaluate our localized version of LinkedIn in China. ”

This new service, under the name InJobs, will be under Chinese regulation in operations and data privacy, but it will not include a social network model, nor will it be possible to share articles or publications.

“Our new strategy for China is to focus on helping China-based professionals find jobs in China and Chinese companies find quality candidates. We will also continue to work with Chinese companies to help them create economic opportunities, ”adds Shroff.

America’s Latest Powerful Network in China

During the past decade, a large part of the technology companies had to withdraw their services due to a blockade applied from China.

The Twitter and Facebook platforms have been blocked since 2009. Google had to shut down operations in 2010, after refusing to censor the results on its search engine. Instagram, owned by Facebook, has not been allowed to operate since 2014, while Signal and Clubhouse were blocked this year.