NASA launch Parker Solar Probes on its "torch" to sun

NASA launch Parker Solar Probes on its “torch” to sun


American Space Agency NASA launched its Parker Solar Probes Yan. After which it has now reached close to the sun. Recently, a picture has been sent by Parker Solar Yan, in which he has gone closer to the sun. Here, NASA is sending vehicles in space, sending information to scientists about all the activities there. In the latest information, NASA has also discovered oxygen on Mars.

At the same time, there is hope that it will be the closest to the Sun’s spacecraft, so far no spaceship in history has reached the sun so now as Parker reached the solar system. The Parker Solar probe has been launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Apart from this, NASA Sun and Space has tweeted and informed that NASA’s Parker Solar Yan has sent photos of the Earth, American Space Agency, NASA, who is going to study the outer atmosphere Corona.

Significantly, the photographs taken by NASA from this space left in space have been taken from 2.7 million miles away. With the help of a special camera machine wide-field image for the solar probe in Parker, it has been possible to take pictures from such a distance. According to local time, Delta-IV heavy rocket carrying Parker probe was released at 3.31 am, according to Indian time, it was 1 pm on Sunday afternoon.