How artificial intelligence can prove to be the best in human history and even the most deadly

How artificial intelligence can prove to be the best in human history and even the most deadly


At this time the scientists are working on developing such AI techniques in which a machine can think like a human being and can learn from the activities that are happening around and be much faster than the human. Insist on the mind. There was a film of Rajinikanth, the robot. The film contains a robotic name called “Robo” in which lots of programs are installed, and through them, it performs different types of tasks. In the film, Chitti is sung to sing, dance, fight, henna, cook food, deliver women and read books in seconds. All this is possible from AI.

  • The time AI is trying to develop the technology will be something similar. However, experts say it may take at least two decades. But after that many areas can see revolutionary changes.
  • A major benefit of this development in AI can be to the medical sector. Robot or robot help can be taken for such tasks as operations. Treating more people in less time will be possible.
  • Robo can be used in the army instead of humans. This will reduce the risk of the soldiers becoming alive for twenty-four hours. Along with this Robo AI can also put the fear of threats due to the program.
  • Daily work of the house for which we depend on others, such as cleaning, electric work or cooking, a robot will do all these work easily. Along with this, robots will also be helpful in terms of security.
  • From the catering to the homes in the restaurants, delivery of goods in the households and lecture in schools and colleges, all the work will be done through AI.

AI Hazards and its Limitations

The biggest benefit of AI is to be manufacturing and manufacturing related areas. For this reason, in the last few years, many companies from these areas have spent crores rupees on research related to AI. Actually, the scope of mistakes by the AI ​​machine is less. Being resistant to strong metal, their resistance is higher than that of humans. The biggest feature is that machines can be used for a long time, they do not require breaks like us. Where we get bored very quickly with a kind of work. AI machines can complete the same task repeatedly more quickly.

But, where these companies are seeing the advantages of AI, the common man facing it is facing most of the common man. The growing nets of AI are not only gradually making people addicted to their habits, but due to this, thousands of people are losing their jobs every day. According to a report by the World Economic Forum in the past year, by 2020 20 lakh new jobs will be created around the world, but more than 70 lakh people will lose their jobs due to AI. In India, the impact of this has started to appear. For example, in view of the use of AI machines in the workplace by some Indian banks, a seven percent decline in jobs in this sector has been recorded.

However, it is also doubtful that AI will prove to be completely beneficial for banks. If the experts believe that a lot of dependency on banks’ AI can be harmful because robots can hardly work better than humans. Robo can be cheap and fast to handle a simple investment but in the market