NASA reveals high-resolution images of the Sun

NASA reveals high-resolution images of the Sun


NASA, with support from scientists at the University of Central Lancashire, published an investigation into the Sun’s magnetic plasma strands in The Astrophysical Journal, something never seen before.

The images are courtesy of High-Resolution Coronal Imager, also known as Hi-C, as they obtained photographs of structures of the corona of the Sun’s atmosphere, with 70 kilometers in diameter, an amount that represents 0.01 percent of the total size of the star.

The images have revealed “magnetic plasma threads”, something that had not been seen before, but after these visuals, it will be possible to better understand the composition of the Sun’s active outer layers.

The scientists discovered that the threads are extremely fine and that their temperature exceeds a million degrees; also that they are composed of hot gas. And although its origin is unknown, investigations have already begun by specialists.

Images are also on Dropbox and Flickr, and the full study is available in The Astrophysical Journal.