Nintendo: Pikmin 3 appears again in the Wii U Store

Nintendo: Pikmin 3 appears again in the Wii U Store


Nintendo removed Pikmin 3 from the Wii U store at the time it was announced for the Nintendo Switch so why did it return to the Wii U?

When Nintendo announced Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, there were those who noticed that the game had disappeared from the Wii U store entirely. This was obviously a slightly strange sales tactic, perhaps trying to keep people from getting confused about the game or the version.

But now it seems that this game has been re-uploaded to the store of the previous Nintendo console, which does not make us wonder what exactly is the strategy of the Japanese company?

Nothing makes sense
If we take into account the history of ports that the Wii U has had with the Switch, then we can see games like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and more recently the Mario 3D World game. The problem is that if we put them together with Pikmin 3, we have 3 completely different cases.

In the case of Pikmin 3 we already know what happened, it was removed and is now available again. Whereas in the case of Donkey Kong, his game cannot be found in the Wii U store to date. In fact, Tropical Freeze was removed from the store as well when the port was announced.

And now we have Super Mario 3D World, which already has an officially announced port for the Switch but with the difference that the game for Wii U was never removed from the store and you can currently buy it, if you like, to the previous Nintendo console.

So what is going on here? since it is obvious that there are different strategies for all games and that not all will be treated the same.

Without a doubt, it is difficult to try to understand Nintendo and its sales strategies, they are simply things that only they understand and that nothing else matters for the Japanese company. Be that as it may, at least Pikmin 3 is back.