Data From 20 Million Mixcloud Users On The Dark Web For Sale

Data From 20 Million Mixcloud Users On The Dark Web For Sale


The popular streaming audio page Mixcloud was compromised. Account data of up to 22 million users are reported to be available for sale on the Dark Web.

A gross leak on Mixcloud, a UK audio streaming platform, has resulted in more than 20 million user accounts being exposed as they are offered for sale on the Dark Web, such as “Techchrunch”.

The data breach happened in early November according to a dark-web salesperson who was actually able to provide some of the data to Techcrunch to verify the authenticity of the data.

The data contained usernames, e-mail addresses, and passwords that seem to be encrypted using the SHA-2 algorithm, making passwords almost impossible to decrypt. The data also contained the account credentials and the date of the last login. This included the country from which the user logged in, his Internet address (IP) and links to profile photos.

The exact amount of stolen data is not known. However, the Dark Web dealer said that there are 20 million records, but listed 21 million records in the Dark Web. The data collected by “Techchrunch” also suggests that there could have been up to 22 million records. The data was offered for sale for $ 4,000 or around 0.5 bitcoin.