Nintendo Switch and Xbox One Are Coming Up With Their Final Fantasy Games

Nintendo Switch and Xbox One Are Coming Up With Their Final Fantasy Games


On Thursday, Square Enix had come up with the announcement that a number of titles from the Final Fantasy Games would be coming over to Nintendo Switch as well as on Xbox One. Each and every game is going to have the same dates of release in the year 2019.

Even though the series had found their footing on Nintendo platforms, it had eventually made its move to the PlayStation 1, with all the remaining main entries being followed on non-Nintendo platforms, since they had included PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The last time, any major release had taken place for a core Final Fantasy game on the platforms of Nintendo was the Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo.

Final Fantasy XII will have The Zodiac Age with their first release on a Nintendo Console and the other set of games include Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10 along with others, which would be HD remasters.

The very latest entry from the core series, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is believed to be available in the Nintendo eShop right after the presentation of Nintendo Direct.

The list of Final Fantasy Games that are coming over to Nintendo Switch includes:

  • World of Final Fantasy Maxima, which is set to be launched on 6th
  • Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every buddy is going to come up in the winter of 2018-19.
  • Final Fantasy XII would launch The Zodiac Age in 2019.
  • Then, VII, IX, X/X-2 HD Remaster in the year 2019.

The co-op game of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, which was made originally for Nintendo GameCube would get remastered as well as released on the Switch along with the online multiplayer version next year in 2019. The game will allow players to even share Joy-Con controllers.

Most of the games, which have been announced for Switch, have also given confirmation that they would also be heading towards Xbox as well. They would include VII, IX, X/X-2 HD Remaster, XII The Zodiac Age, XV Pocket Edition HD and also World of Final Fantasy: Maxima.