Potentially dangerous asteroid approaches earth says NASA

Potentially dangerous asteroid approaches earth says NASA


Asteroid 2020 WU5 is heading toward Earth, according to NASA astronomers. This celestial body was discovered on November 29, 2020 with the help of the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer Space Telescope.

On December 4, it was included in the International Astronomical Union (IAU) minor planets electronic circular. It belongs to the group of “Apollos”, near objects whose orbits cross that of the Earth from the outside. According to scientists, its diameter varies from 0.5 to 1.1 km.

Asteroid 2020 WU5 moves against the backdrop of the constellations Stern, Unicorn, Little Dog, Gemini and Coachman. It is expected to come closest to Earth on the night of January 13-14.

According to the calculated data, its solar luminosity will be 12.9 and its angular speed will be 33.4 radians per minute. At this time, it will move on the background of Gemini towards the constellation of Coachman.