KIA gives the first details of its future range of 9 electric cars

KIA gives the first details of its future range of 9 electric cars


KIA is in full makeover. The Korean firm has a new logo, gets rid of the name “Motors” and has even presented a new corporate design for its dealers. However, the company has also taken advantage of all these developments to show a first preview of its future range of electric models.

In total, KIA has announced the launch of nine electric cars, seven of which will arrive between 2021 and 2027, at the rate of one a year. These vehicles will debut a new nomenclature system (from EV1 to EV9) and will be based on the new E-GMP modular platform, which will have an 800-volt electrical system that will allow ultra-fast high-power charges.

Of the nine electric vehicles planned, five will be conventional passenger cars and another four special vehicles focused on commercial use. KIA gave a brief glimpse of all of them: passenger cars have been described as a “fun and practical traveler”, a “powerful and dynamic crossover”, a “strong and daring SUV”, a “agile and dynamic machine” and a “sedan. long and elegant ”.

The commercial models for their part will be an “autonomous micro-capsule”, a “small individual urban transporter”, a “mid-size traveler” and a “great logistics partner”. Therefore, like the Mobilize division of the Renault Group, we can expect these four vehicles to focus on carsharing and logistics.

The first of these nine cars to hit the market will be unveiled this quarter. Inspired by the aesthetics of the 2019 Imagine by KIA Concept, it will be the aforementioned “powerful and dynamic crossover.” According to the brand, this vehicle will have around 500 km of autonomy and can be charged to 80% in less than 20 minutes.