PS Plus free games confirmed for March 2021

PS Plus free games confirmed for March 2021


As we had announced a few days ago, today has been the day chosen by Sony to announce the free PS Plus games for this month of March 2021, a month that will surely not leave anyone indifferent.

It should be noted that the games that have been given this month of February 2021 are still available to claim and download for free, with an active subscription to PS Plus, which are Destruction All-Star, Control Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie.

Free Games PS Plus March 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake
It seems that the alleged leak that we mentioned yesterday has been fully met, since the official announcement of PS Plus has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be given away in March 2021, however, this will have a restriction, since it will not give access to the improved version of Intergrade, since this is only reserved for those who have purchased the title.

Remnant From The Ashes
Remnant: From the Ashes is a third-person survival action shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world full of monstrous creatures. You will play one of the last human survivors as, alone or alongside one or two other survivors, you face deadly enemies and epic bosses, trying to rebuild and recover what was lost.

Farpoint VR
Farpoint is a virtual reality space adventure set on a hostile alien planet. It can be played with PS VR Aim Controller. It also features online cooperative play and includes a single player campaign.

Destruction All-Star (PS5)
Although Destruction All-Star this exclusive Playstation 5 game was already given away last month, for March 2021 the plate will be repeated as happened with Bugsnax, which was kept for two months as a free PS Plus game.

Maquette (PS5)
Maquette for Playstation 5 is the new interactive experience from Annapurna Interactive, a title that will be released for free to Playstation Plus in this month of March 2021, here we must be creative to solve different puzzles with highly detailed graphics and arts that promises to be quite a experience.

Jade’s Ascension (Playstation Talents – Spain)
Jade’s Ascension is a Beat em Up type arcade shooting title, where we must go around different levels full of enemies and where in the purest arcade style we must obtain new skills and different shots to finish off our enemies.

When will the free PS Plus games be available for download for March 2021?
As we have mentioned before, Sony is a usual company, and we know for sure when the free PS Plus games will be available for March 2021, which this time will be on Tuesday, March 2.

Finally, we want to invite you to review our article where you can review ALL the free games that have come to Playstation Plus in the last 10 years, a list of games that we update every month with the new additions that arrive.