Google is testing a new AI tool that will compose news reports

Google is testing a new AI tool that will compose news reports


Google tested ‘Genesis, an AI tool to generate news articles that create text from data. It could be used to automate tasks.

Google is testing an innovative AI tool that generates news articles. The software, codenamed “Genesis,” has been presented to executives from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and News Corp. The AI can create text from data feeds, regardless of whether the topic is current or contains different kinds of information. Google believes that journalists could utilize Genesis as an aid to automate their tasks and free up their time for other tasks.

According to the New York Times report, some journalists who saw the demo felt uncomfortable with the tool. They claimed that he appeared to be unaware of the type of work involved in writing clear and digestible pieces.

Jeff Jarvis, a journalism professor at the City University of New York He told The Times that journalists should make use of Genesis “if the technology can reliably give accurate information.” Since Google hasn’t yet released Genesis at this point, it’s not clear whether it’s able to provide accurate information. There’s a possibility that it could serve to disseminate false information.

Jenn Crider, a spokesperson for Google, stated in an announcement that “we are working with news media, particularly smaller ones, to think about ways in which AI-enabled tools can aid journalists in their job.”

“These tools are not designed to replace the vital journalist’s role in writing, researching, and fact-checking their reports,” she said. Instead, they could offer alternatives for headlines and other writing styles.

This announcement is made in the context of media outlets that have expressed their displeasure over the illegal use of material published over the last decade by news websites to train and improve the performance of Google’s AI. Additionally, Google has also had to rethink its strategy for training and improvements. The Internet giant had to change its indexing strategy for content in the search engine since journalists’ companies require reimbursement for their work in the European Union and Australia after the decrease in traffic caused by this kind of bet on the search engine.