The best gadgets and gadgets for Christmas

The best gift and gadgets for Christmas


If you haven’t thought about Christmas presents yet, you should hurry up. The gift guide provides some ideas so that gadget fans, gamers and anyone who likes to bake bread, among others, will find something suitable under the fir tree:

1. Gaming Console

Gaming Console

The Playstation 5 and / or the Xbox Series X should still be at the top of the wish list of many gamers. Although the consoles were already launched last year, they were sold out so quickly that many gaming fans were still waiting for their console or could not order a device at all. Admittedly, putting a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X under the Christmas tree for your loved ones is likely to be difficult this year as well. For example, the devices at Digitec Galaxus and Media Markt can be found in the online shop, but the order button is missing. However, it could be that some retailers come up with the coveted hardware on Black Friday.

2. Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories

Those who do not manage to get hold of one of the coveted consoles can always score with gaming fans with appropriate accessories. Mice, headsets, keyboards, but also special controllers for PC and console are available here. All “League of Legends” players get their money’s worth at Logitech G. The gaming brand of the Swiss manufacturer has several series of accessories in designs from the popular game from developer Riot Games up its sleeve. For example, Logitech G recently launched a headset, mouse, keyboard and mousepad with a “hextech” look.

3. Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

All Apple fans should be happy about the Macbook Pro introduced in mid-October this year. The device is available in either 14- or 16-inch format. Apple developed the two new chips M1 Pro and M1 Max for the Macbook Pro. They are expected to perform up to 70 percent faster than their predecessor. This makes the new Macbook Pro also suitable for creative people such as game developers, designers, photographers or filmmakers.

4. Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones are always a good gift for music lovers- lovers who travel a lot, or for anyone who wants to isolate themselves in the office / home office. Especially over-ear models, if the fit is right, are comfortable for a long time and let you hide the chatter of colleagues or fellow passengers on the train just fine. So far, the Sony WH-1000XM4 and the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 have been convincing in test reports. In addition, the PX7 in carbon by Bowers & Wilkins performed very well in the hands-on. Conclusion: good sound, effective noise cancellation, long battery life and convenient to carry.

5. Smartwatch


A smartwatch is suitable for anyone who likes to be active or is planning to move more for the New Year. After all, the new models of many manufacturers are especially focused on fitness and outdoor activities. For example, the 9 Peak from the Finnish manufacturer Suunto has a GPS recording capacity of up to 170 hours, measures the oxygen content in the blood and offers over 80 sports modes. In autumn, Apple introduced its new smartwatch generation with the Apple Watch Series 7. The gadget has, among other things, an electric heart sensor, as well as an integrated ECG app and offers new types of training.

6. Drone


The pilot license is a bit too expensive, but you still want to feel like a pilot? A drone can help here. The DJI FPV should offer a particularly immersive experience. In the model, the manufacturer combines the drone and headset, so that the pilot has the images taken with the device directly in front of his eyes from the perspective of the drone. “It can fly like a racer, hover like a conventional drone, accelerate like a self-made project and stop faster than any of them,” DJI says about the FPV.

7. Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Since the beginning of the pandemic, air purifiers are enjoying more popularity again. Especially for the cold season, where again a lot of time is spent in closed rooms, the devices are convenient, which also filter aerosols from the air. In a “cash crash” test, the MI Air Purifier 3H model from Xiaomi was the test winner. The device filtered coarse particles such as pollen and bacteria as well as fine particles such as aerosols and viruses “very well”. The air purifier also impressed when filtering formaldehyde. The Pure 9 A from Electrolux was the second best device. Among retailers, “Roger” from Stadler Form seems to be particularly popular. At least mystery shopper Astrid T. was recommended by most retailers on one of her tours. From “Kassensturz” “Roger” received a “sufficient”, as he filtered very small particles less well than the competition.

8. Vlogging Camera

Vlogging Camera

Previously, singer and actress were at the top of the list of desired professions of children and adolescents. Today, many want to earn their money as influencers. Of course, if you want to get started on social media, you need the appropriate content. This is where vlogging cameras come into play. More and more large camera manufacturers are missing features for livestreaming and for filming vlogs on their devices. So does Sony. In spring 2020, the Japanese manufacturer launched the ZV-1, its first camera specially tailored to the needs of vloggers. The device is light and compact, records video in 4k and, among other things, has a bokeh button. This year, Sony released a new vlogger-focused camera: the ZV-E10. And Canon is also involved in the market for influencer cams. Thanks to the USB output and in-house software, the EOS M50 Mark II can also be used as a webcam for streams.

9. Bread maker

Bread maker

The pandemic has shown one thing: when the Swiss are bored, they start baking bread. Thus, sales of bread makers (previously rather a niche market) skyrocketed. And those who once ate good homemade bread, do not want to miss it anymore. Panasonic’s bread maker (model SD-YR2550) is above all something for those who like to experiment. The device has a separate ingredient container in which nuts, chocolate chips or pumpkin seeds, for example, can be filled. The device then automatically mixes these into the dough at the right time. There are also special programs for gluten-free doughs. According to the manufacturer, you can also prepare jam and pasta dough with the SD-YR2550.

10. Whimsical


The mentioned products are all a bit too expensive and actually the gift should be more of a gag? Then how about a Bluetooth beanie? It not only keeps the ears warm, but also has an integrated microphone including hands-free function. With the cap, which some online shops offer in different designs, you can listen to music or make phone calls for several hours without headphones. The gadget is controlled by built-in buttons.