The Full Moon for the Month of September 2018 is All Set to Come Up and this is When One Can See It

The Full Moon for the Month of September 2018 is All Set to Come Up and this is When One Can See It


The full moon for September 2018, which is commonly being known by the nickname of ‘Harvest Moon’, would be coming up on the 24th of the month. It is known by the name of Harvest Moon because this is the harvest season for corn along with other crops. The full moon day happens to fall, just a couple of days after the official beginning of fall, when the equinox of the autumn season would occur.

Similar to that of the full moon that took place in the month of August, the full moon for this month is not going to be a special one. This is neither one of the supermoon of 2018 nor will it be a blue moon or this will not going to be a lunar eclipse blood moon as well. So basically, this is only an ordinary full moon.

An astronomy website, made a note that these kinds of full moons during Autumn Season tend to have special characteristics, mainly related to the time at which the moon rises. They feel that Nature is extremely cooperative in providing people the opportunity to see full kind of moons close to the horizon after sunset for a number of evenings on the trot, just around the period for the harvest moon.

Now the question is when one can get to see the full moon in September. So, the harvest moon would start to rise in the eastern half of the sky at around 7 pm, Monday in New York City but the full phase will only come up not until 10:53 p.m. during that night. Though, the moon would give an impression to be completely full at the time of its rise.

If an assumption is made that the skies would be clear, devoid of any cloud, the moon should look to be big as well as bright, when it would across the Sunday night’s sky and when it gets to set on Monday morning, followed by another set on Tuesday morning and a rise once again on Tuesday night.