Things Which People Should Do Before They Lose Their Phone

Things Which People Should Do Before They Lose Their Phone


Nowadays, all of us tend to rely so much on our smartphones that, if they get stolen or misplaced, we feel as if it is the end of the world for us. There are certain preparations, which one can take before the worst nightmare comes true and what should one as and when something like this happens.

Remote Tracking Can Be Turned On

Whether it’s an Android or an iPhone, the phone that you carry, comes up with a built-in tool, which enables you to keep track of it either from the web or from any other device. On Android, the tool is known as Find My Device and one can easily enable the feature under the menu titled as Security & location under Settings. In case of an iOS, this feature is known by the name of Find My iPhone and one just needs to tap their name from Settings, then from one’s iPhone to turn the feature on.

If one has lost their phone, then they can easily see where their phone is.

You Can Protect The Lock Screen

The only hindrance that lies between all of your applications, emails, shopping accounts and someone who has stolen the phone, is the lock screen.

So, it is essential that one must put some kind of protection in place, right on the lock screen of their phone, whether through a PIN, a fingerprint or any typical pattern. All these options can be found under Security & location in Android Settings or through Face ID & Passcode in iOS settings.

Back Up of the Data

Once a phone gets stolen, people would always feel as if they will never ever have the opportunity to see their smartphone again. So, it is essential on their part to keep a back up of whatever data, which is present on the phone.

To keep a backup, turn to the phone’s backup system that is there by default. On Android, one can go to Settings and then click on System, Advanced and Backup. In case of iOS, move on to Settings, tap your name, then click upon the device name, then click upon iCloud Backup.