Today Amazon is set to Announce Their New Echo and Fire TV

Today Amazon is set to Announce Their New Echo and Fire TV


Amazon is staging a grand hardware event at their headquarters in Seattle. Unlike other companies like Apple and Google, this organization is not the one for making the announcements for these kinds of events well beforehand. Now, given the fact that Amazon has done something like this in the last few years, made it quite apparent that they have planned something big for this month.

Most importantly, people are at the peak time, before holiday sets in, for the launches of hardware. Now, that is primarily the reason why people have already seen or would see some major events from competitors like Google, Apple, and Microsoft among all others. People ideally would not like to make any kind of assumption related to the fact that Amazon did not go about in making an announcement for the event before. This can be seen as their own style. Moreover, the organization had taken a similar stand during last year’s event; when they had refreshed the Echo line and had gone on to add the Spot, Buttons along with a new Fire TV to the stable.

What is known for sure is that the event, which would be held, will focus primarily upon the Echo line, Alexa and Fire TV. As far as the specifications are concerned, this article is an ideal way to get started. The Company is making plans to release a minimum of eight hardware devices of Alexa in very near future, which includes a hi-fi system, an automotive gadget, and the most interesting thing is, there will be a microwave, which would be powered by Alexa.

All the above-mentioned things are interesting for any kind of reasons, not the least of which is that they would ensure the company is put in direct competition with quite a number of third-party hardware partners that include Sonos, GE, and Garmin.

There are quite a number of other products of Amazon, which are due for refreshes. Those include the Dot and Echo Show. Talks are on regarding a Home Pod kind of competitor from Amazon.