Nuclear Pasta Could Well be the Strongest Material in this Universe

Nuclear Pasta Could Well be the Strongest Material in this Universe


First and foremost thing is how one can cook Nuclear Pasta in three simple steps:

  • Boil one big, dying star till it goes supernova and leads to explosion.

  • Then, stir in a vigorous manner, any kind of protons and electrons that remain inside the shrivelled core of the star, till they get merged into a soup of neutrons, which are ultra-dense. Apply gravity as much as it is required.

  • Next, scrunch the stew of neutron into an airtight sphere of the size of Toronto. Cover it up in a crystalline crust and then serve at 1.08 million degrees Fahrenheit

So, by following these steps, you go on to make one of the strangest concoctions of the world, nuclear pasta.

For a number of years, astrophysicists have kept on thinking about the idea that a kind of tangle of matter, like that of a tangle might be making a ripple around the inner portion of neutron stars, which happen to be the relatively smaller but dense stars that get formed after enormous suns collapse under their gravity.

Nuclear Pasta makes some of the finest leftovers. They might well be the strongest substance in the whole universe, unlike the noodles we have on earth.

In a brand new study, which is soon to get published in the journal named, Physical Review Letters, a team of researchers from the Canada and the United States had run a series of computer simulations in order to carry out the test regarding the strength of nuclear pasta, based upon all that is known regarding the conditions of the neutron-star, under which it is formed. The team managed to determine that, in order to shatter a plate of nuclear pasta, it could well take 10 billion times, the force required to shatter steel.

The strength of the nuclear pasta mostly comes up from its density. One can visualize the density to have similarity with the mass of 1.3 million Earths inside a single city of America.

As per the new research, nuclear pasta might become so strong and densely packed that it could ever layer up to small mountains, which could lift the crust of certain neutron stars.