Why do Kids Tend to Vomit So Much? (When should one be worried about it?)

Why do Kids Tend to Vomit So Much? (When should one be worried about it?)


The mechanism, with which the vomiting takes place, remains the same for kids as well as for the adults. Vomiting tendency can get stimulated through a number of things, right from the virus that could cause irritation on the lining of the stomach, to some kind of disgust or surprise that people could come across. In case of kids, vomiting can be out of a hair-trigger reaction.

Whenever the brain seems to experience stimuli, which gives an impression that there is stomach upset, it instantly sends out signals to the body in order to take out, whatever is lying in the stomach. That’s when the body pulls off something that is physically equal to that of a set of dances moves, which is timed perfectly. Then after one takes a deep breath, the openings, known as the glottis that lies between the vocal cords, tend to shut down. This leads to the forceful push down of the diaphragm. Ultimately that’s what results in people to vomit.

The similar kinds of signals are even received by the kids and their bodies go on to react in a similar fashion. The question is, why do kids tend to vomit so much more compared to what the adults do?

The reason is, kids’ bodies send as well as listen to similar kinds of signals for all other types of physical problems that they come across. Hence, children might well go on to vomit merely as a response to things, which would not even make an adult worry a bit. According to a pediatric gastroenterologist, any kind of thing that has the chance to make a child fall sick can make them vomit.

Whenever child vomits, the ideal thing to do would be, make them feel comfortable and keep a close watch on their fluid intake, so that chance of dehydration does not arise. Now, when should parents take their children to doctors? Usual signs of trouble include lethargic feelings; severe tenderness of stomach, stomach gets distended or if they suffer from any kind of severe pain, then all those situations are causes for concern and parents must instantly pay a visit to the doctor.