BMW X7 rambles its fans with an exceptional concept pick-up

BMW X7 rambles its fans with an exceptional concept pick-up


BMW once put the internet on its head when, as an April Fool’s Day joke, it had presented an M3 pick-up. It seems that what they have just done is also, although we are very far from the date as mentioned above. This BMW X7 transformed into the pick-up, is simply a concept prepared especially for the exhibition, to be more exact, for the BMW Motorrad Days that are about to arrive all over the world.

Motorrad Days, is an event focused on the motorcycle branch of BMW, where there are usually exhibitions and presentations of its newest models, the most powerful and also the most historical, as well as several innovations. For this event, a group of BMW apprentices worked on transforming the X7; in fact, it took them 10 months to complete the process.

For this, they used an X7 xDrive 40i to which they added a 1.4-meter punt that can reach 2 meters when it is open. At the same time, they used a plastic reinforced with carbon fiber to replace the metal of the doors, roof and other areas, in order to make it 200 kilos lighter to be able to load without any problem a motorcycle.

The interior was ultimately the same, although due to the transformation, it lost its third row of seats, now it will only be able to carry five passengers. It should be noted that the pan is covered with high-quality wood treated by hand. The color of the body is a “Tanzanite Blue” of the brand’s Individual range.

Finally, for purely exhibition purposes, they have placed a BMW 850 GS motorcycle on their boat.