Terrifying images of the explosion of the Stromboli volcano

Terrifying images of the explosion of the Stromboli volcano


A series of violent explosions were recorded this day in the crater of the Estrómboli volcano, a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, with one person killed and one injured.

Tourists panicked, said the Italian news agency Ansa, according to which two lava flows that descend as incandescent riacho were also detected.

The fall of material from inside the cone is causing fires in areas of reeds and some visitors, who abound in the summer, have thrown themselves into the sea overwhelmed by panic.

The main characteristic of Estrómboli is that of being the summit of the active volcano of the same name.

Testimonials collected on the site reported “a powerful explosion. We heard a roar, then a column of smoke and incendiary elements over the village of Ginostra and flames were rising on the slopes of the volcano. “

It was a rain of lapilli (small incandescent stones, NDR), “they narrated in fear.

The Stromboli Island corresponds to the Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago north of Sicily, which is 2000 was inscribed along with the rest of the archipelago on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.