BTS's Agency acquires Voice AI Company

BTS’s Agency acquires Voice AI Company


South Korean agency Hybe, which created the K-pop group BTS, announced today that it would invest 45 Billion won (33.7 Million euros) to become the largest shareholder of the artificial intelligence (AI) business Supertone. Expertise in voice synthesizers.

In 2021, Hybe bought his first shares in Supertone. He purchased 18.2 percent of the start-up company in that year. After the additional investment, Hybe now controls 56.1 percent. According to information published by The Yonhap media agency, the company.

Supertone was established in 2020. Supertone is an artificial sound technology that specializes in voice synthesizers. It has a realistic performance and can sing. This innovation is already being used for local music programming.

This company is known for promoting the reenactment and performance of the voices of South Korean singers like Kim Kwangseok, Kim Hyunsik Yu Jae Ha, Kim Kwangseok, and Yim Yuntaek.

Hybe believes that investment can create synergies between both businesses to improve their content.

Park Ji, the agency CEO, said they are excited to develop new content that combines Super tone’s AI voice software with Hybe’s production expertise. The winner was announced in a statement.