Curiosity Rover clicks the last selfie on Mars' Vera Rubin Ridge

Curiosity Rover clicks the last selfie on Mars’ Vera Rubin Ridge


NASA’s Curiosity Rover, searching on Mars, has taken its last selfie there, where for more than a year the robot has been exploring. US Space Agency reported this information. After collecting new samples from Vera Rubin Ridge, the car-sized rover will now land towards a dirtied area of Mount Sharpe.

On December 15 last year, Curiosity drilled its 19th sample at a place called Rock Hall.

On January 15, the space shuttle took 57 photos using its own mash hand lens imager camera, with which it also took a selfie.

NASA said that the hole in the picture of ‘Rock Hall’ in the image is visible on the left side of the rover. Curiosity began the exploration work on Mars from September 2017.