NASA's Parker Solar Probe to enter the Sun in April

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe to enter the Sun in April


Just 161 days after the launch, NASA’s space station Parker Solar Probe has completed the first round of his journey into the sunroom, and now it will begin to make the second round of its proposed 24 classes, and at the same time, The nearest to the sun will reach. NASA has said that its car-sized probe launched on August 12 will travel a distance of 38 million miles from the Sun during this time and will enter the nearest sun on April 4, 2019. During the operation, the space shuttle will rotate the Sun 24 rounds. Andy Driesman, project manager at John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, said, “The journey of the first class of the spacecraft was spectacular.

During this time we learned a lot about the functioning and operation of the spacecraft. We came to know how it behaves in the solar system. I am proud to say that the assessment of the team was accurate. The space shuttle started working fully since January 1, and all its systems became online and started working according to the design.

Spacecraft is sending data on Earth through intensive space network from its devices, and so far 17 gigabytes of data related to science have been downloaded. The whole figures will be downloaded till April. The space shuttle will reach 1.5 million miles from the Sun in April during its second rotation, which will be approximately half the distance from 27 million miles from the Sun Helios 2 Sun in 1976.

Four instruments of spacecraft will help the scientists to find answers to some fundamental physical questions related to the sun. How do solar cells and particles grow in space so fast and spread? Why is the atmosphere of the Sun ‘Korona’ so hot from its surface? Scientists will be able to find answers to these questions.