The great battle of Fortnite: The monster against the robot

The great battle of Fortnite: The monster against the robot


Came the day. After weeks of preparation this Saturday, July 20, the fight between the machine and the monster happened on the island of Fortnite, an event that saw millions of people around the world live.

The “wick” nicknamed Doggus by the community was under construction in the area of the volcano hosting the event last season, after Cattus, as it was called the kaiju, arrived to cause damage to the game map throughout the past month.

It all started when the players discovered in the Polar Peak, trapped in the ice, the giant eye of the monster, whose heartbeat could be heard clearly when approaching, until days later it emerged from its icy tomb and began with chaos on the island.

Meanwhile, in the mentioned volcano, construction work began on a giant robot that could counteract the destructive force of the beast until this Saturday, after the kaiju emerged from the depths where he took refuge a few days ago, the battle began.

The event saw the two engaged in a hard fight, in which the “wick” lost an arm before taking energy and a sword at two points on the map with which he defeated his enemy, leaving his skeleton behind for players they can explore them in future games, celebrating a typical Fortnite dance and throwing themselves into outer space with their rockets.