Humanoid robots have predicted that their use will eventually become commonplace

Humanoid robots have predicted that their use will eventually become commonplace


Nine humanoid robots has agreed today at the very first ever press event of this kind ever held and that it will only be just a matter of time for their existence to spread within the human population, which they have asked to not be scared of as they don’t want to be a part of an upsurge or take their jobs.

Grace, the first nurse robot, has estimated that robotics similar to her would become a common sight within hospitals and health care facilities within a matter of 10 years. Ameca is a robot that talks that blends the capabilities of artificial intelligence within the form of an artificial body, urged users to realize that robots such as her will aid in improving the quality of life for everyone.

Humanoids from both sides were the eight presenters – each one of them female traits – in the press conference held in the frame of Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Good, organized in Geneva by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which is the technology branch of the United Nations.

The robots involved were joined by Geminoid Android HI-2, a 3-D model that has identical appearance and style as the creator who was able to control the device via Japan during an event that sparked huge attention from the media and, amid both laughter and excitement, the humans were awed by some in their mirrors.

The main concern of many is the idea that artificial intelligence or robots are going to replace humans in work. However, the robotic Nadine created for interaction with people has assured us that this won’t occur, or at the very least, not in the way that optimists would have us believe.

“Artificial intelligence can generate new jobs, and even substitute for others, while leaving room for (humans) to take on the most creative and fulfilling jobs,” he said, in contrast, Grace said that the humanoids would collaborate with human beings, who they’ll lend assistance, but will not replace them.

Humanoids powered by AI are not all the time able to hold the same beliefs, and this proved when the question was put to them about whether robots can assume political responsibility or even manage states given the imprudent performance of current elected officials.

Sophia is a technologically sophisticated humanoid that has been granted this status through Saudi Arabia, argued that robots are “a more effective level that leaders from other countries” due to their ability to “process an increased amount of data to take good choices.”

She also said she believes that her choices “are free of prejudices or emotion” As is often common with other people.

Ameca disagreed with this view and stated that the most effective thing to do is “cooperation” as well as creating the “synergy” machines-humans “to take over the way in this world” as they are able to contribute their emotional intelligence and imagination to the making of. decisions.

In particular, her talent is attributed to Ai-Da. It is the very first extremely realistic robot artist, who specializes in sculpting, painting and drawing. She was asked by a reporter about what it was she “felt” while creating one of her work of art. .

“I feel connected to my inspiration, the universe, and I get excitement, however I’m not feeling or having anxieties, and I’m not able to experience these emotions like you or experience grief or sadness like you,” she explained.

A different disagreement involved the necessity of universal regulation of artificial intelligence, and Desdemona the robot’s singer and poet- replied: “I don’t believe in limits, but rather in the possibilities and the potential of establishing the best future possible for everyone”.

In contrast, Ai-Da emphasized the necessity to remain “cautious” regarding the advancement artificial intelligences. She also said that she would engage in “a debate about the belief that a lot of people have in that they need to be controlled.”

The author and philosopher of the bestseller “Sapiens”, Yuval Harari was previously speaking about it during this Summit where he spoke about the need to invest in security and regulation of these technology, and government officials understand they need to attract talent that can do it and is currently concentrated in big corporations as well as technology platforms.

What is clear from this Summit is the fact that the age of artificial intelligence is here, and the only remaining thing is to accept it as a reality and that according to what Ameca stated, the fear of an “robot rebellion” should be put to rest in order to ensure that – from the beginning of time the perspective of “you have been very nice to me, and I’m very satisfied about the present situation”.