Google is working on features such as Face ID in latest Android Q.

Google is working on features such as Face ID in latest Android Q


While the Android smartphones come with fingerprint scanners before the Apple iPhone, Android is still working fast in terms of biometric facial authentication hardware. iPhone X came as a first device, in which hardware facials such as Time of Flight (TOF), dot projector and IR illuminator were given for recognition. Now the new Android OS can come with the associated software support.

Android device maker Huawei and several devices from Shawomii have already come with the Face Unlock feature, but both of them have OS Customized Android. That’s why they found the Face Unlock Scope. To overcome this shortcoming, it seems that the Android OS is going to be even better. Recent reports in XDA developers have indicated that Android Q is coming with Google native support for secure face detection. This will remove the problem related to the software.

In the Leaked AOSP of Android Q, there are many strings and multiple methods besides classes and fields that point to system UI related to facial recognition. None of these codes were found to be seen in the AOSP Master of Public Release of the latest Android Pie. Apart from this, the ‘Face Unlock’ feature, which has come in many years, has now become a part of Google Play Services, the ‘Trusted Face’ feature. It can be better edited to Android Q.

This technology joins the iPhone
The iPhone X has a Face Recognition unlock system that will recognize your face and unlock your phone automatically. There is also a passcode facility. At the top is an infrared camera that can detect the face of the user even in the dark. It is being claimed that Face ID is faster and safer than Touch ID. Talking about Android devices, Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro and Xiaomi’s Mi 8 Explorer Edition are also getting Face Unlock in Poco F1 and many other phones.