Twitter to Sell MoPub for $1.05 Bn

Twitter to Sell MoPub for $1.05 Bn


Twitter paid $350 million for MoPub in 2013. They purchased the company to build a custom online ad platform that would help them boost their revenues. However, it did not work out for Twitter, and it now plans to sell the company for three times what they paid for it eight years ago. The company now owns AppLovin, an ad-tech platform that is popular with mobile app developers. It is expected to generate $1.5 billion in revenue by 2020.

Applovin, an advertising platform and game publisher, acquired the company in 2013 for $350 million. Twitter will now sell MoPub to Applovin for $1.05 billion in cash. In addition, the acquisition will allow Twitter to accelerate the development of revenue products and drive growth across key areas. According to the press release, the company thinks that AppLovin is positioned well to grow MoPub’s network of users. It also believes that the company will evolve the service to meet the changing needs of its users and capitalize on the fast-changing in-app industry.

Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub allows it to focus on attracting more mobile advertisers. The deal will allow Twitter to develop its own revenue products and grow in key areas. It believes that AppLovin will be better able to develop and expand the network of MoPub’s customers. It will also allow it to capture a larger share of the in-app advertising market. It is worth noting that the acquisition was the first of its kind.

Twitter has agreed to sell MoPub to AppLovin Corporation for $1.05 billion in cash. The deal will allow Twitter to accelerate the development of new revenue products and grow in key areas. With the help of AppLovin, Twitter believes that it will be better able to scale the number of users it has acquired. It will also allow the company to evolve the existing network of customers of MoPub. With this deal, the company hopes to capitalize on the fast-changing in-app industry.

This deal allows Twitter to leverage MoPub’s vast network of mobile apps to increase revenue. By creating a marketplace for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell their content, MoPub will create a more powerful network of consumers for the advertisers. The new platform will allow advertisers to reach more people and maximize the number of ads they can buy. This will help Twitter gain more control over their in-app ad business and ultimately increase its revenue.

As of today, the company has acquired MoPub, a monetization platform for mobile app developers. The company is selling the software to allow advertisers to purchase the traffic to the apps. As a result, Twitter’s revenue will increase by more than three-fold and reach more than three15 million users by 2023. Its users will be more engaged with ads when they can see their ads. This gives Twitter more control over their mobile advertising revenue.