'Mars Insight Lander Mission' will reveal Earth's mystery

‘Mars Insight Lander Mission’ will reveal Earth’s mystery


The ‘Mars Insight Lender’ of the American Space Agency ‘NASA’ is going to Mars on Monday night and it can give us more information about the Earth.

According to the BBC’s Sunday report, this vehicle is using the seismometer to study the planet’s internal synthesis, which will help us to figure out how it was formed and why it is so different from the Earth.

NASA administrator Jim Brideenstein tweeted on Sunday, “NASA is landing on NASA with Insight within two days, thanks to NASA personnel, they complete it and start a new phase.”

Insight will enter at a speed of 19,800 kilometers per hour in the outer environment of Mars and will be reduced to the speed of eight kilometers per hour before landing on Mars.

This phase is to be completed within just seven minutes.

In the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, located in Pasadena, NASA’s “Entry, Recession, and Lending” (EDL) chief, Rob Grover, Insight said, “That is why engineers call the landing of the vehicle on Mars as” seven minutes of terror.”

Grover said, “We can not control the landing of the aircraft, so we rely on the previously fed instructions in the space station. To test our plans, all the other landing on Mars and all of Mars We spent years in understanding the information. “

He said, “And we are going to be cautious as long as the Insight is not located in your home located in the ‘Elegy Planiya’ area.”

Mars launched on May 5, NASA’s first spacecraft to land on Mars after ‘Curiosity Rover’ in 2012, ‘Interior Exploration Using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport’ (Insight) Lender 2012.

A two-year mission will begin when the Mars landing on Mars land. Also, Insight will be the first spacecraft to study the deep internal structure of Mars.

This will help the scientists to understand the construction of all the planets made of stone including our own earth.