'Moon Mission' NASA Moon landing, 'verify' to Russia

‘Moon Mission’ NASA Moon landing, ‘verify’ to Russia


The day of July 20, 1959, is very important in the whole world. On this day, US Aeronautical engineer and military pilot Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. Buzz Aldrin was also among those who landed on the Moon with him. Among those who went to the moon along with Apollo 11, there were Michael Collins, besides those two, who were orbiting it without landing on the surface of the moon. The US has been receiving accolades from around the world on this mission till today. This mission has also been considered as the biggest halt to discover the mysteries of space. But now years after that again his questions are being raised on this mission. Years later, this mission has raised many questions, about which Russia is now talking about to investigate the facts related to this mission.

What will happen if Russia is right

On behalf of Dmitry Rogozin, Chief of Russia’s Roscosmos Space Agency, it has been said that his country is going to send a mission to the moon. Whose work is to find out exactly whether Apollo 11 had landed on the surface of the moon or it was only a play that the United States created to take revenge from Russia and to dominate the world. Dimitri Rogozin tweeted about this. This mission of America has been in the mystery and questions from the beginning. People also have different opinions about this mission. But the biggest question is what will happen if Russia proves this mission wrong or false. In such a situation, due to the disfavoured of America’s credit, many theories about the moon can prove to be false.

Russia’s domination in space

Let us also tell you here that competition has been taking place between Russia and the US for years. This is your competition to show a step ahead. As far as the space program is concerned, Russia’s dominance in the region was even earlier and even today. Russia was the first to send a human in space across the earth in the form of Yuri Gagarin. It was the first time that the animals were sent out of the earth for the first time. There was no silence in the space mission before and even today. One proof of this is that the US is currently seeking Russia’s help for its space mission.

America’s announcement after retreating from Russia

After the Second World War, when the Soviet Union began preparations to go into space, the United States was lagging in the skies of the sky. In such a situation, President John F. Kennedy decided in 1961 that American scientists will reach the moon. But after one mission, America remained behind it somewhere as far as Russia’s space program has proved to be milestones in this area. From the first man in space to the first woman was Russia. The Soviet Union had left its lunar program in the mid-1970s as four experimental rockets sent to the moon were exploded.

How will the mission of America be examined

In 1959, when America sent a mission to the moon, much of its footage could be achieved. Apart from this, the footmarks on the moon of Armstrong are enough to tell the whole story of this mission. Let us tell you that the moon does not have its atmosphere. There is neither air nor water. So, if America’s mission is correct, then even after years there should be signs of Neil Armstrong’s footprint as it was before. Apart from this, the flag of America, which was fluttering despite not having an atmosphere there, should also be there. Please also tell you here that after this mission it was said that Armstrong had brought with him the moon dust from there. Many secrets can be opened even when matching this sample with the real.

What are the claims about the mission and what are the questions

Since this mission, it has been claimed that America did it all in a studio with a huge one. The question arises that the picture in which the flag of America was placed on the surface of the moon is fluttering there, whereas there is no atmosphere at all. In such a way it is impossible to wave. Apart from this, Armstrong’s footprints are also under the scanner. That’s because it is impossible to do this on the moon. The arm that Armstrong went to the moon was about 4 tons, but he did not even leave his mark there. In such a way, the mark of Armstrong’s footprints raises questions in itself.

Photos related to the mission in question

In the pictures related to this mission, seeing the stars from the moon is also questioning. The most surprising thing is that no one has seen the blueprint of the machine of this historic mission. The US says on this question that he has disappeared. There are questions on another picture related to this mission. This photo is of Armstrong. But the person taking the photo is not visible in it when the second astronaut is showing a lot of distance in the mirror on his helmet. NASA says that if the picture was taken from the camera in the other astronaut’s helmet. There is a question at the same time that radiation from the sun can kill any person. Then how did NASA come to safeguard all of them?