World AIDS Day: This year's theme is 'Know Your Status'

World AIDS Day: This year’s theme is ‘Know Your Status’


December 1 Worldwide is known as World AIDS Day. The purpose of this day is to make people aware of the disease and the symptoms related to this disease. This day was started by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in 1988. The purpose of this day to start was to inform people about HIV. People were taught how to avoid this disease. Anyone who is suffering from this disease, how to improve their surroundings.

Every year a theme is given on this day. This year’s theme is ‘Know Your Status.’ World AIDS Day theme was ‘My Health, My Right’ in 2017. This year’s theme aims to encourage people worldwide to get the HIV test. It is now extremely important to do so, as one report says that only 75 percent of people with HIV are aware of their illness.

It means that 94 million out of 40 million patients are not aware of their illness, because they did not check HIV. It is also unintentionally the risk of spreading AIDS through unprotected sex.

Indian Council of Medical Research says that India has made considerable progress in this direction. But it is still very difficult to stop it. A recent report revealed that from 1981 to 2017, new injections and AIDS deaths had decreased significantly in India. In 2012, 87,590 was detected, and 69,110 people died due to AIDS.

At the national level, the number of new infections has declined, but at the state level, these figures are slightly different. Arunachal Pradesh – 65%, Assam – 37%, Mizoram – 18%, Meghalaya – 10% and Uttarakhand – 4%.

Those who support this day, make the symbol of AIDS Awareness made of red colored ribbons. This symbol was established in New York in 1991 because people’s attitude at that time was very bad for people with HIV. On this World AIDS Day, we all should support this day and wear the symbol of HIV.