NASA plans to sending human missions to the United States, 2024

NASA plans to sending human missions to the United States, 2024


The United States has been preparing for the human mission again about five decades later on the Moon. He wants to complete this campaign in the next five years.

In the meeting of the National Space Council in Alabama, Vice President Mike Pence said, “As the seventh and eighth decade of the past century, we are again in space competition. Then we had the Soviet Union and now China. That is why we have to reach the moon until 2024. ‘ US Space Agency NASA officials have accepted this challenge. NASA Jim Bridenstine said, ‘We accept the challenge. Now is the time to gather at work. ‘

NASA is also struggling to send its astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) at this time. In 2011, the US space shuttle program was over. Since then the agency is reliant on the Russian Soyuz yan to send astronauts to ISS. Since 1972, NASA has not sent any human missions to the moon. He was preparing to set up a ‘gateway’ station in the orbit of Moon in 2024 and launch a human mission in 2028.

But after the announcement of Pence, the difficulties have arisen in front of him. Pence said, ‘We have to establish our presence on the moon in five years. Soon after, send a human mission to Mars. Failure to miss this mission is not an option.

Lunar mission endangered due to delay in SLS rocket
In order to end its dependence on Soyuz Yan, NASA has given the contract to build spacecraft and rocket to private companies like Space X and Boeing. The Boeing Space Launch System (SLS) rocket is developing for the Moon mission. In 2020 an unmanned mission to be launched on the SLS was to be launched. But NASA had recently said that by 2020 the rocket would probably not be ready.

This time the woman will land on the moon
In the past, NASA had said that a woman can get a chance to step on Mars and Moon. Pence has confirmed this. He said, ‘Let me make it clear that the first woman to land on the moon will be from the US.’