Apple Launches Its Apple News+ Learn to More Its Special

Apple Launches Its Apple News+ Learn to More Its Special


Apple had created an event on March 25. This event was live streaming by the organization. Let us know, during the event, and the company has launched its new subscription service, Apple News +. Apple News + was running in the discussion for a long time. There, too many rumors were spreading about it. Please tell, Apple News + is a combination of two different types of journalism.

In which the Stories of News and Magazine will be read on Apple’s user interface created. Apple News + has more than 300 magazines, important, and digital publishers so that users can read it according to their liking.

Although the feature of Apple News + is currently offered for OS 12.2 operating system and 10.10.4 Mac OS users, hopefully, the company will also launch it for the rest of the platform. Let us know, and users have any device, they can read the news and magazines content by buying its subscription.

Available to America and Canada

Apple News editor-in-chief told that we support quality journalism and want to reach good news by Apple News + with good news by Newspaper and Magazine. Talking about Apple News +, a lot of features are being given to users like Vogue, National Geographic Magazine, People, Ille, The Wall Stories Journal and LA Times. There are some publications and their news stories on the platform.

Not only this, Apple News + Publishers are present in both Magazine and Digital Apple News. There is a lot of content in it. Apple News + is currently made available to US and Canada users. Users using platforms will have to shell out $ 9.99 to $ 12.99 per month. Although the company is giving the first-month free trial subscription, please tell, users need to install iOS 12.2 or macOS 10.14.4 to use the platform.