NASA will fulfill your childhood dreams of being an astronaut

NASA will fulfill your childhood dreams of being an astronaut


If you ever wondered what the International Space Station will be like, what are they doing at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California? How would it feel to go in SOFIA, the ship that explores the stratosphere? In short, if those childhood dreams of being an astronaut don’t stop hanging around your head, this is for you,

Through the website of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), it is possible to find different virtual tours to know everything there is to know, not only about this space organization and the activities it carries out, but also explore places like the International Station and even the surface of other planets.

Several of these tours can be done through Virtual Reality glasses, 3D glasses, and 360-degree images.

Astronaut Suni Williams will not only welcome you, but she will also accompany you on a guided tour of the International Space Station. With 3D glasses, you can also tour the station’s modules, float around its laboratories and connect the modules from the perspective of an astronaut. Of course, be careful and do not touch anything because you could make everything fly like in Armageddon.

Afterward, it is possible to continue with a 360-degree tour of the Space Telescope Operations Control Center to learn how Hubble works, the telescope that orbits the outer atmosphere.

If you are not tired yet, you can visit the Gleen Research Center and visit the hangars through different virtual tours from different perspectives.

On the page of the space organization, there are endless digital resources that will make you spend hours and hours and let you know more about our universe and the operations carried out by NASA.