NASA's Osiris-Rex asteroid reached 12 miles from Bennu

NASA’s Osiris-Rex asteroid reached 12 miles from Bennu


American space agency NASA’s space shuttle Osiris-Rex has reached its goal ‘Bennu’ near the asteroid. The skyscraper-shaped Asteroid is expected to collide with the Earth in about 150 years. There is also the possibility of getting biological compounds along with it. For these reasons, NASA launched Osiris-Rex in 2016 for the study of Bennu. The goal of this mission for seven years is to collect the surface of Bannu and return to Earth. Scientists believe that the combination of asteroid and comet has reached the organic compounds on Earth, making life possible. This theory can be confirmed by studying samples brought from Benu.

Yan can enter Bannu’s gravitational field in December

On Monday, the Osiris-Rex asteroid reached 12 miles from Bennu. This is being the primary step of this mission. By the end of December, this vessel will reach the gravitational field of the asteroid. After that, he will collect surface samples of the asteroid with the help of his robotic arm.

There is also the possibility of getting water

The width of this asteroid, which is orbiting the Sun, equal to the distance between Earth and the Sun is equal to one-third of a mile. Estimates of the abundance of organic compounds during the early days of the Solar System’s development on this asteroid. There is also the possibility of having water within the minerals present on it.

Bennu is second in the probable earth collisions

Astronomers fear that in the coming 166 years, this asteroid will be a horrifying battle from Earth, which can end life on Earth. According to NASA, 72 astronomical objects can collide with Earth, in which Bennu is in second place.

Bannu is coming closer to Earth due to solar heat

Bennu is closest to Earth every six years. During this, the heat from the sun makes it pushing closer to the Earth. In 2135, the distance of Earth and the moon could be less than the distance of Earth. From 2175 to 2195 it will reach the nearest Earth From the study of samples brought by Osiris-Rex, it will only know how Bannu’s collision will affect the earth.