6 new antibodies to fight Zika virus in America

6 new antibodies to fight Zika virus in America


A team of researchers led by American doctor of Indian origin have developed six Zika virus antibodies, which can be helpful in the treatment of mosquito-borne disease.

More than 1.5 million people have been infected in the last few years from Zika

Professor Ravi Durvasula of Chicago’s Loyola University said, “Antibodies can be useful in two ways, firstly it can recognize the Zika virus infection and secondly it can be useful for the further treatment of infection.”

He said that this affordable antibody in production can be used to detect the Zika virus in a simple filter paper test which is still present. If the color of the filter paper changes during the test, it means the effect of Zika.

Antibody is a Y-shaped protein made by the immune system.

Ribosome display technology was used for this research. During this time, six types of synthetic antibodies have been developed which are linked to the Zika virus. During pregnancy, a woman infected with Zika virus is at risk of having an abortion, having a child dead or born with a disease called congenital microcephaly.

This research has been published in the ‘PLOS One’ magazine.