Netflix launched an exclusive service for Smartphones

Netflix launched an exclusive service for Smartphones


The popular streaming content company: Netflix, announced that it would launch its exclusive subscription service for smartphones, which is already active in India and would soon be everywhere in the world.

The plan aims to have content at a lower cost since it can only be compatible with mobile devices through the application. So you can not log in to Smart TV, TV Box like Roku and others, or consoles, so it can only be seen on tablets and phones.

The cost at the moment in Mexico is not defined, but it could be between 55 and 60 pesos per month, practically half of the traditional service. However, it has several differences with respect to what is offered normally.

Although it allows several open sessions on different devices, it only provides playback on one simultaneously.

The Netflix plan for Smartphones may suit people who are not interested in watching the content on television and watch it on a small screen of mobile devices, but in the case of a family, this product does not seem appropriate.

At the moment it is not known when this plan could reach our country or other parts of the world, but at the moment it is in tests in India, where the phones have more use than in many other parts of the world.